Joint Stock Company “L I N O K S A” is a company specializing in the field of stainless steel and aluminum sales. When we say “stainless steel”, we mean steel products that are resistant to corrosion in the air, in water and in so-called aggressive environments. These products are steel plates, bars, pipes, wire, profile parts, angle bars and electrodes. Watch a clip.
The many years of experience of the company’s staff and its leadership in this field provides an opportunity for our company to grow rapidly and to strengthen its position in the market of stainless steel.

The headquarters of JSC “LINOKSA” is in Vilnius, Jankiskiu st. 16. It comprises the management of the company and the main storehouse. The company has branches in Riga (Latvia), Tallinn (Estonia), and Kiev (Ukraine).
JSC “Linoksa” imports stainless steel products from EU countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Slovenia and others. These products conform to all the necessary EU requirements and standards.

The main clients of JSC “LINOKSA” are food industry enterprises (stainless steel products are used for the equipment of bars, restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, gastronomic shops, hotels, coffee-bars, etc.), chemical industry enterprises (this group of market users use stainless steel products for the production and storage of petrol, oil products, chemical products and for the improvement of their storage technologies), construction, and design companies (for instance, rails, staircases, metal and glass constructions, etc.).

JSC LINOKSA is a member of Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts

Stainless steel & aluminum for your projects!